Hey, I'm Sebastian.

Frontend Developer located in Helsinki, Finland. Web Design and JS enthusiast, also a so-called gym rat.I like to play around with CSS.

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Latest showcases

  • Financer

    Progressive web application for tracking your monthly expenses and income as well as your savings and investments.

    • TypeScript
    • TailwindCSS
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  • Personal Website

    Personal Website project which has been currently built with NextJS and Sanity.

    • NextJS
    • Sanity
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Latest posts

  • Passing data between different Drupal hooks

    Passing data with hooks to twig templates is as easy as it sounds. Passing it between different hooks is another story.

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  • Jest React tests with Drupal's global Drupal.t function

    Creating Jest tests for React is an enjoyable process. And fairly straight forward!

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