Frontend developer from Finland with a passion for creating amazing looking websites with accessibility in mind.


Hi, I'm Sebastian. I'm a Frontend Developer located in the Greater Helsinki area. Currently working at Houston Inc. making the web a better place.

I am very interested in clean and very usable Web Design that is also accessible. I'm also a big JavaScript enthusiast and try to constantly better myself with the language and familiarize myself with its different frameworks.

My main passion lies in CSS with Sass (SCSS). I have held a CSS Workshop for a group of people, where we went over the fundamentals of CSS and a basic Q&A. And it was much fun.

On this page you'll find bits and pieces of information about me, my past professional experience and education.


I have been specializing in Frontend development since 2013 and around that time my passion for development has started.

Over the years I have provided the following for clients:

  • Modernizing old CSS implementations
  • Refactoring parts of codebases
  • Responsive Websites
  • Semantic HTML and accessible websites

I have extensive knowledge of working with CMS systems and experience in large-scale web service projects. I mostly have been responsible for user interface design and accessibility.



What tools do I use?

If you are interested to know what tools I use for on day to day basis, I've created a page where I've compiled a list of stuff and try to keep it up to date.